SAJ CERAMICS Ltd provides you with all the specialized additional equipment required for the cleanest of finishes. We are always available to consult you with your projects and what will best be suited for your requirements.

You can now purchase samples and accessories right from our website and get them delivered to your door. Look at the M-Pesa tab below for further information. 


Samples Available:

30 x 60

40 x 40

33 x 33 

25 x 33





Tile Spacers - control the thickness and/or visibility of all borders and rules in the laying of your tiles. Available in 2mm and 3mm, and then filled with Morcemcolor grout to give a clean and long-lasting finish.

Tile Cutter - choose the layout and position inside the laying space and ensure tiles are cut to precision with our diamond head cutters - all readily available in 3 different sizes..

Edge Strips - select the type of content that should be shown on the corners and edges of your tile finishes. Available in a multitude of colors in plastic and aluminium. 


Saj Ceramics offers multiple possibilities for bringing together your every project. Whether it be quality locally manufactured, or imported, we have to expertise to suit your every need. 

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Adhesives & Grout

Grupo Puma is a group of companies specialized in the construction world. Over twenty-five years of experience and dedication in this sector allows Grupo Puma to provide a wide range of products of an exceptional and renowned quality, which is the result of a careful analysis of their components and properties.

All manufactured materials are subjected to the most strict quality controls and tested under the hardest lab and worksite conditions. Saj Ceramics ensures the highest quality and workmanship for any Grupo Puma product.

Adhesives - Solutions for installing and fixing ceramic coatings and natural stone


Pegoland - Tile adhesive made of mixed bonding agents with reduced sliding and expanded open time, for the placement of all types of ceramic pieces, granite and marble parts on interior and exterior pavement and interior coverings. Suitable for bonding all types of ceramic tiles on plasterboard (carton-gypsum sandwich panels)


Pegoland Special - High performance tile adhesive.Special for its thixotropy and long open time.

For setting indoor and outdoor ceramic flooring, indoor walls, and baseboards.
Specially recommended for tiling swimming-pools with vitreous mosaic tiles and tiling work on plasterboard (carton-gypsum sandwich panels)
Suitable for bonding ceramic tiles with a medium-high absorption rate, marble, mosaic tiles and glass paste.


Pegacol - Tile adhesive for indoor floor tiling and cladding jobs. Suitable for bonding ceramic tiles with a medium-high absorption rate.

Grouting mortars - Coloured and waterproof mortars for patching ceramic coatings


Morcemcolor Grout - Coloured mortar with additives, made of mixed bonding agents.
Great fineness and plasticity.
For grouting 2 to 15 mm joints in all kinds of floor tilings.
Special for grouting low-porosity pieces (porcelain stoneware) and swimming-pools.

Readily available in White, Beige, Grey & Black.