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Saj Ceramics Ltd prides itself on a commitment to quality and innovation in order to provide consistent satisfaction to its wide customer portfolio. As a result, Saj Ceramics focuses particularly on the manufacturing process in order to maintain high quality standards whilst providing customers with affordable tiles.

A combination of modern technology coupled with years of expertise has allowed us to produce tiles on par with European standards at a competitive price.

As a business, Saj Ceramics Ltd. has a dual focus: this starts with the manufacturing process and finishes with our dedication to customer service. Customer loyalty has arisen from our strong service culture, which has enabled an extensive understanding of customer needs and has allowed us to build relationships based on our end product.

Understanding the project of our clients and the challenges faced within the market is important both in a commercial or residential setting. Our tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also cater for the environment in which they will be used. As a result, Saj Ceramic’s tiles are manufactured to withstand resistance and every day wear and tear.  

Quality and Value from the heart of Kenya.

What makes us different?

Saj Ceramics stands out from its competitors. Closely aligned with our core values, the following attributes reflect what differentiates our products to others within the market: 

  • Customer focus is at the core of Saj Ceramics

  • Availability and range of products will be maintained throughout the years, allowing you to come back for the same tile whenever needed.

  • Sustainability of projects – we see your prospects and work with you to bring you what you need.


Saj Ceramics locally manufactured  40 x 40  & custom  mosaic

Saj Ceramics locally manufactured 40 x 40 & custom mosaic

Made in Kenya


  • Always committed to producing the best products, Saj Ceramics has the widest range of locally manufactured tiles in the region, striving on quality, value, continuity & reliability.